Tuesday, October 2


"Sunrise over the Kuskokwim"
Aniak, Alaska
April 2007

I started this blog in Spanish a few months ago because I needed to learn to love this place. More than anything, because I planned on being here for a few years and I wanted to be able to remember this time in the future and know that I had been happy here. It's inhospitable and cold, but I was sure it could also be cozy and warm. It would depend on the mind frame I decided to look at it with, each and every day.

Through photography, one of my passions that had been sitting still for a while, I wanted to start this journey and put it out there in the cyberworld, to share with friends and anyone else that would like to hang out in Alaska for a bit.


Irreverens said...

How long do you plan to stay there, Meiga?

Meiga en Alaska said...

About two more years, or a little less... as long as David's project continues to go as planned.

I do hope everything goes as planned, since I'm kinda taking a sabbatical from being in the work force :)

Welcome to the other side of myself :)

Irreverens said...

Lucky you!
Enjoy it as much as you can, then.