Wednesday, December 12

Before I travel

"Sunrise at 10 am"
Anchorage, Alaska
December 2007

In a couple of days, we will start our travels that will take us all the way to the other side of the planet. First Seattle, with a short stop to visit family and friends. This stop helps with the thirty-something hours of planes and lay overs that it takes to get to Spain from Alaska. Then Spain, where more than going on vacation it seems like we are going on tour, just like those resurfaced Spice Girls are doing. We will be traveling a lot in order to see everyone: Madrid, Santiago, Teruel, Tarragona, and hopefully even Granada. And finally, before we get back home, we will take a real vacation in Egypt. David's brother lives with his family and we will have some time to rest, visit interesting things, and have Naím enjoy his cousins a little longer.

A part of me really wants to go. Another side of me, really wants to stay. That side would prefer to stay here, watching beautiful sunrises from my kitchen window at ten thirty or eleven, sewing beaver gloves for Naím, teaching yoga, baking bread, cooking, trading massage, enjoying our steam bath, shooting pictures, sharing time with David and Naím... This side of me wants to really live this luxury life we lead lately, with no stress, no hurries, no traffic jams...

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to live this adventure I am living in this inhospitable and yet cozy place on earth. I have not yet left, and I can't wait to come back...

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Pero, por si conoces a alguien que pueda interesarle
Este dato, aquí lo dejo.

Lencería hasta la talla 90.