Tuesday, January 22

Home sweet home

"Mountain Sea"
Alaska on our way to Aniak
December 2007

Finally, we are back home. After three days of planes, airports, and little sleep, we have finally reached Aniak. Winter greeted us with an incredible 40 F, when last week it reached 40 below. And even though the snow is melting fast, I am happy that life is offering us a smooth transition instead of having to dive into the crude arctic winter right after the Egyptian sun. It seems that around this time of the year there is usually a rise in temperatures and we've arrived just on time to enjoy it.

The return has forced us to start living the most pure Alaskan lifestyle, that is, with no running water. While we were gone, and due logistical errors, we ran out of fuel before we expected, so given that outside it was 30 below, the house froze. Because of this, pipes burst and with them, also the water pump, which cracked from side to side. And without the pump, evidently, there is no water.

So here we are, melting snow to wash dishes and shower in the steam house. To wash clothes we will go to the community center, because washing them with melted snow is not something I'm thrilled to experience. I just hope the snow doesn't melt completely, or we will run out of regular water supply. However, it's great to be home, build fires, and enjoy my cat's purring again.

Well, I better try to get back to sleep. Jet lag is bad right now, so here I am, blogging at 2 AM after having slept five hours and be awakened by a crying little boy, who happens to have the same jet lag then his parents.

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