Friday, September 5

On vacation

Foto de Nihihiro & Shihiro (Flickr)

I'm going on vacations. Yes, once again. This time they are also David's vacations, one of the few we have taken as a family the three of us. Because, really, going to Spain at Christmas time, and running around from one place to the other to see the families is not exactly what I call a relaxing vacation, believe me.

We are going on a road trip, from Seattle to the Grand Canyon, visiting all kinds of hot steaming deserts and National Parks in Nevada, Utah,and Arizona. I can't wait to be surrounded by red dirt, sweating, camping, and shooting pictures in one of the most amazing landscapes in the world. It will be a good way to recharge batteries to get back to the Alaskan winter in late September.

I hope to come back full of pictures like the one I borrowed to put up there.

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